Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Bump in the road

So, I was going to name this success or failure, and ask everyone if they felt I failed, but then decided that only I can make this determination.  I am my own boss at this!  Today I hit a bump in the road. 
I've been doing very well...putting things away, finishing my tasks....

So, last night I ran the dishwasher before I went to bed.  Now dishes are a real problem in my family. I feel, I work full time just like everyone else either works or goes to school, so why are the dishes expected to be my responsibility?  I leave the house before everyone else, and I certainly do not feel that I should  have to come home to dirty breakfast dishes in the sink. - We have a dishwasher after all.  All you have to do is rinse them and put them in it....I will run it when it's full and empty it! I will digress here to a comment....My household was established in Nov. 1998....14 years ago.  My hubby claims he cannot empty the dishwasher because he doesn't know where everything goes.....really, did I mention 14 YEARS!  I'm not one of those who constantly move stuff has been this way for 14 YEARS!

But, baby steps....let's just get them out of the sink and into the unit!

So, if I want them to put the dirties in the DW, I must make sure there are never clean dishes in it, thus done by emptying it as soon as possible (for those of you who don't suffer from my lack of follow through this may sound like a no brainer to you, but it's not for me :-).  So this AM, even though I woke up 15 min. late, I empty the DW.  Here's the the unit was a Christmas bowl that I had left / picked up at my niece's.  Somewhere in the back of the cabinet is the box for this bowl.  Now this would require me to take everything out of the cabinet - it's one of those corner ones and I keep this kind of thing in the far back as I only use once a year.  There is NO WAY I can dig for this box, put away this bowl, put everything back in the cabinet and still get to work on time!  So the bowl is sitting on the counter top :-)

You may be thinking....why would you even consider that a failure....well, as I am picking up my stuff to leave for work, there on the kitchen are so going to say the basket full of clean laundry that I was taking to my room to fold last night....wonder what distracted me that it was left on the table...LOL

So, tonight after I get home, my two goals are to put that bowl away, and fold the laundry.  Darn I had already crossed laundry off my list.....ha ha that's ok it was on there twice....Now I know why!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I did get to work on time :-)

Monday, January 9, 2012

What it's about

So...I don't really do New Year's resolutions, or so I don't call them that.  I prefer to think of them as Goals for the New Year.  Why?  IDK....I think if I call it a resolution, I have to resolve to do it, but if I set it as a goal it's different.  It's just my thing, and I can.

So, my goal for 2012 is two fold, I wanted to settle on one, but I think I can't really do one without the other.  They are, to follow tasks through to completion, and don't put it down, put it away.  Today is 1-9-12, and so far this has been a very difficult for me.

I have found that when I get side tracked (and actually figure out that it happened), if I jot down what sidetracked me then go back to the task I was doing it seems to help.  Here's what is on my list so far:
kitchen sink
laundry (must have happened twice)
pictures (I have no idea what this means)
master bath
kitchen table
enter girls into SNAP (It's a Girl Scout thing)

This has become my list of things to do, not necessarily in that order, that is just the order in which the distractions took place.  -  The funny thing about this list is that, although my CHRISTmas tree is taken down, my CHRISTmas stuff has not been put away yet....where is the priority on that!

So tonight I am doing some laundry - funny story here. - Tami told me last night that she has no clean panties.  Now before you judge me....the reason for this is that when I went to do her laundry last week it was not ready.  She is 9 - almost 10 years old, and is perfectly capable of doing her own laundry with assistance.  Although, I will do it for her, BUT my one rule must have it in a laundry basket ready for me, and it CANNOT be inside out.  I don't think it is fair to expect me to have to put my clean hand in your dirty laundry to inside it out (and I know this is ass backwards way of putting it) she missed the laundry run and is now out of clean panites.  The hilarious (kinda) part to this story is, Tom called me at work today to let me know she put away her clean panites and socks this morning.  ME:  uh, you don't mean the one's in the basket by her door do you?  TOM: yes - they were mixed with yours....ME - that basket hadn't been washed yet....TOM:  Welp, they're in her drawers. one noticed that these clothes were not washed??? 
When I told Tami - I have some bad news for you....the clothes you put away were not washed yet...she said MOM - YOU MEAN I AM WEARING DIRTY PANTIES....Yep.  Maybe next time she will get her laundry ready when I ask her to!

So, what does this have to do with my goal?  Well, when I brought the clean load of laundry in from the garage this evening, it was actually foreign for me to make myself stop and fold and put it away (not down) to completion....and Tami has clean panties for tomorrow!